Sometimes we experience a crisis in our personal or professional life. We feel lonely and we have no one to help us make an important life decision. We have our goals, but also some doubts as to whether we can achieve them. Sometimes we lack self-confidence. We know what we want, but we are afraid to make the first most important step, e.g. to change the job, start own business, change something in our life, discover our passion.
In such a situation I suggest that the clients should meet with a coach. The coach is a person who supports others in achieving their goals and awakes their latent potential. If for any reason you feel unfulfilled, the coach will help you focus on your aims and work on the desired change.

What is the coaching session about?

The purpose of each coaching is to make the client aware of the fact that they do have a choice and  that there are many different ways of thinking, feeling and behaving to choose from. Individual meetings aimed at developing competences in the personal, social and professional field serve as sessions during which the clients get to know themselves better, reveal their own capacities and introduce changes.

The coach strictly observes the code of ethics and respects the principles of confidentiality. The coach is focused on the goals selected by the client and follows the client's individual needs. Coaches never impose their own opinions on the client, they respect different viewpoints, and in exceptional cases they refer the client to other specialists.

What does the meeting look like?

To be sure that you have come to the right person and to give you the opportunity to check whether you do find understanding, safety and trust  in our relations, we would like to offer you a free consultation, which will help you make a decision on a possible future cooperation.

Once you have made up your mind
From now on the entire course of the coaching process takes the form of sessions. It usually takes several months, depending on the goal you want to achieve. The sessions can take the form of either direct or phone/ skype meetings. A single session covers 6 to 8 meetings (90 minutes each) and is organized every two, three weeks.