Psychotherapy is a set of techniques for treating or to help cure a variety of diseases and mental problems. A common feature of all psychotherapy techniques is a person-to-person contact. Psychotherapy is the method of choice for the treatment of neurotic disorders, depression, or anxiety and personality disorders. There are various forms of psychotherapy such as drama therapy, desensitisation, pantomime exercises, working with the body, as well as various currents of psychotherapy, for example: cognitive and behavioural psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy or the systemic approach.

Who needs psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a method of treatment through conversation recommended for people who:

  • suffer from mental issues (anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, mood disorders, excessive response to stress),
  • whose body gets sick due to the specific functioning of their psyche (eating disorders, sleep disorders, psychosomatic disorders, sexual dysfunction),
  • and for those whose difficulties are manifested in relationships with people (family problems and in relationships, loneliness, life crises).

Psychotherapy can be helpful also for those who would like to better know and understand themselves.

We run, among others individual psychotherapy for adults, psychotherapy for couples, marriages and family therapy.

We help people experiencing all sorts of difficulties related to their emotions, how they respond, and understanding themselves and other people

We provide therapeutic help in the event of any addictions, crisis interventions (divorces, loss of loved ones, etc.) mood disorders (depression), anxiety disorders (phobias, obsessions, neuroses), personality disorders, psychosomatic disorders, in coping with eating disorders, in situations burnout, as well as people with difficulties in establishing interpersonal relationships.

We run consultations and meetings supporting child development and solving educational problems.

Our psychologists and therapists work on the basis of the highest professional standards in accordance with the Psychotherapist's Code of Ethics. Their work is subject to constant supervision, both individual and group.


My name is Magdalena Gruszka and I am a psychotherapist ==>  more about me

Consulting room in Nieuw-Vennep, Boekwietstraat 66

It is also possible to meet via Skype or WhatsApp

Private meetings from Monday to Friday:

Hour session (60 min.) -   € 90

On Saturday:

Hour session (60 min.) -   € 100

Psychological report - €95

Cancellation policy:
In order to respect the therapists' time, we would like to inform you that cancellation of a session takes place no later than 24 hours before the scheduled session date.
Failure to cancel, late cancellation or no-show on visit will result in the obligation to pay the full amount for the unused session.