Personal / Live Coaching -  focused on relationships and personal life, as well as development of the human spiritual life. It is aimed at developing and changing the private life of the client, achieving a balance between the professional and private life. It enables the client to look deep into their own soul and is an effective instrument helping them reach the desired goals.


During the coaching sessions the client may work on different problems, including:

  • Identification of their own values and needs.

  • Development of their own vision of the future.

  • Improvement of self-awareness.

  • Building and maintaining relations with other people.

  • Overcoming limitations, fear, prejudices.

  • Search for new opportunities of development.

  • Maintaining balance in life.

  • Building a career based on their own passions.

  • Work on their own body.

  • Development of relations with their teenage and adult child(ren).

  • Time management

  • Effective management of their own energy and time.


    The most common issues include: ability to control one's own emotions, self-motivation, professional burnout, self-confidence or assertiveness.