Career Coaching  –  it supports professional career planning and development. It is connected with setting goals and developing a professional career. It helps one acquire the skills required to be successful. The coaching is designed for anyone who introduces significant changes in their own professional life.
It is conducted, taking into account the client's values, needs and skills.
During the coaching sessions the client may work on different problems, including:
⦁ Identification of opportunities for continuation of further development.
⦁ Building a career development strategy.
⦁ Identification of limitations, strengths and weaknesses.
⦁ Determination of short and long-term professional plans.
⦁ Networking in the career building process.
⦁ Process of changing job or position.
⦁ Overcoming professional stagnation.
⦁ Search for inner motivation.
⦁ Assistance with the preparation of professional CVs and its translation into English or Dutch.
⦁ Preparation for a job interview.
⦁ Job-search assistance.