The Centre for the Personal Development LORE was founded to support and assist families and those in difficult life situation or facing professional challenges on a social and psychological level.

The Centre for the Personal Development is an activity born of passion and desire to work with people, sharing with them what beautiful and creative, and the desire to bring them help. Magdalena Gruszka has registered this activity as a company in 2014.

We provide support to our customers by building an atmosphere of mutual respect, acceptance and trust, so that we are able to establish partnership with them that allow full implementation of the objectives. We offer professional assistance and support in a positive and friendly place, as we know how important is a sense of security, discretion and comfort.

We believe there is a dormant potential in every person and team, which we help release through appropriate methods. We work with educators, psychologists, career counsellors and trainers, a group of experts whose aim is to support and help others.

  • We offer individual therapy for adults as well as couple and family therapy. For adults we provide assistance in the form of crisis intervention and individual therapy.

  • We help people with all sorts of difficulties with experienced emotions, their way of response and understanding of themselves and other people.

  • We provide assistance in abuse of any substance, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, experienced crises, as well as we help people with difficulties in establishing interpersonal relationships.

  • We conduct consultations and meetings to assist the child's development or to address behavioural problems.

  • We run development trainings and social competences trainings.

  • We conduct vocational guidance for adults and adolescents.

    Our therapists work on the basis of the highest professional standards in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Psychotherapist. Their work is subject to a constant individual and group supervision.

  • In addition, we provide: training, lectures, workshops, accounting consultancy, and language courses (English, Dutch, Spanish, Polish).

    Our training is characterised by professionalism, high quality and responsibility.


master Magdalena Gruszka

pedagogue, psychotherapist, career counsellor, coach

I completed a master's degree in Teaching at two areas: Pedagogical Therapy with Coaching and Psychoeducation with Social Prevention at the University of Humanities and Economics in Łódź. I completed postgraduate studies in social psychology at the University of Warsaw. I completed a bachelor's degree in career and personal guidance. During my 5-year stay in the United Kingdom, I completed the course in Life Coaching at the University of Cambridge.

I am a member of the Polish Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies, the Polish Therapeutic Society, the Polish Educational Research Association, and the Association for the Development of the Person Centred Approach.

Courses attended:

Health Psychology, Psychology of Stress, Clinical Psychology, Nutrition, Teaching Methods, Logodidactics in School - Innovation, Negotiation, Market Analysis.

I specialise in the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression, and family and educational counselling. I have been engaged in individual therapy, couple and family therapy, group and individual therapy for adults handling the following issues: anxiety disorders, depression, psychosomatic disorders, eating disorders, personal crises, difficulty in professional adaptation. I base my therapeutic work on the cognitive and behavioural approach. In my work I link therapy with coaching using process-oriented psychology. I keep on deepening my knowledge and skills on numerous courses and trainings. I am subject to regular supervision to meet the requirements of high standard of my work and the ethics of the psychotherapist profession.